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Ativan belongs to the group of benzodiazepines, which means it is an anti-anxiety drug. Ativan relieves irritability, fights insomnia, calms the nerves, reduces seizures and some diseases.

Ativan can be taken for more than four weeks. Treatment with Ativan is prescribed according to the schedule established by the doctor and under his supervision. This drug is addictive, which is why experts recommend using it on a short-term basis.

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Ativan. origin and history

Ativan is the best way to quickly relieve anxiety attacks, unlike similar drugs. Ativan is indicated for use before surgeries, visits to the dentist, and other situations that cause fear. It is necessary to take Ativan 10 minutes before the above procedure to stabilize the stressful situation.

Ativan is in the family of:

  • diazepam;
  • clonazepam;
  • nitrazepam;
  • flurazepam;
  • bromazepam;
  • and clonazepam.

The listed drugs are "classic" benzodiazepines, which are considered very effective sedatives and are used in medicine in all countries of the world

It is known that the drug Ativan (with the trade names Activan and Temesta) appeared in medicine back in 1977 and was released by the "Wyeth Pharmaceutical" pharmaceutical company. The president of the team that created the miracle drug Ativan, D.J. Thanks to Richards' efforts, it was patented in the United States.

There are two types of Ativan: it comes as an injection solution or as a pill.

Effects on the body

Ativan cures panic attacks, overcomes fear, regulates neurotic disorders caused by stress:

  • As a rule, medical experts recommend taking the drug Ativan as a muscle relaxant for the treatment of muscle tension. This relaxing pill quickly relieves muscle spasms of mental and physical (during training) origin.
  • Ativan fights seizures.
  • Ativan is indicated for epileptic seizures, but only after consulting a doctor.
  • The drug has not only a calming but also a hypnotic effect on a person.
  • Ativan does not cause vomiting, it prevents them.

Experts warn that abuse of Ativan reduces the effectiveness of the drug and causes addiction.

How do patients develop drug addiction?

As a rule, addiction occurs in patients treated with this drug mainly due to violation of the course of treatment, that is, when the patient does not follow the clear instructions of the doctor, in particular, the dosage and duration of treatment. It is indicated that the course of treatment should not exceed more than four weeks, and the maximum dosage should not exceed:

  • 4-8 ml (for ampoules);
  • 0.5-2.5 mg (for tablets); an intermediate dose is 1-2 mg.

Experts recommend using Ativan 2, 3 or 4 times a day.

When a patient treated with Ativan breaks the treatment regimen, they may become addicted. The peak effect of Ativan is reached 10 minutes after intravenous injection (or one hour after intramuscular injection), and 90-120 minutes for the pill.

Symptoms of abuse

Behavioral and physical changes occur in individuals who abuse Ativan.

The main symptoms of abuse of this drug include:

  • Frequent euphoria;
  • Indifference and drowsiness;
  • Tantrums;
  • Frequent changes in mood, depression, or vice versa;
  • negligence and memory impairment;
  • Unsteady gait;
  • Skin problems;
  • Frequent state of numbness.

In this regard, it is very difficult for normal people to communicate with darnom Ativanamol due to their inadequate condition, slurred speech.

Experts believe that detoxification is the first stage of addiction treatment, after which these patients need to undergo a rehabilitation course. It is necessary to know that in this regard, only as a result of the complex treatment carried out by the drug rehabilitation center, patients get rid of addiction.